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Business Page Web Hosting for £55/annum

This is the business package you have been looking for - forget the free services where your web address has no credibility (, business pages that look like they have come off a template or complicated cgi programming to get your database onto the web. This package puts you in charge of your own personal domain name and includes:
  • Registration or transfer of a
  • 20 MB of web space
  • Hosting of
  • Windows NT servers supporting ASP, iHTML, cgi scripting are available
  • Database (Access) connectivity via ODBC
  • POP3 e-mail - unlimited accounts
  • SMTP mail server
  • Local call rate dial-up with no connection fees other than your telephone call
  • FTP account for file transfer to your domain
  • Frontpage Extensions possible (at extra cost £10)
  • SSL available (at extra cost)
  • Visitor statistics to your web pages
  • ASP Formmail provided for visitors to send you messages using forms
  • Advice with ASP scripts (i.e. Visual Basic for database connections, etc.)
  • If required, web page design and ASP scripting service available (at extra cost)
  • Analysis of your search engine rating with registered commercial software
  • comparison of rating against web pages of your choice, and
  • suggestions to improve your search engine rating
How do we offer so much for so little?
We are an authorised reseller of web space on large commercial servers. We buy a large amount of space and resell it in smaller accounts - if you want to register and host lots of domains then you probably don't need us. If you only want one, or a few domains, then our service is cheaper and friendlier than the 'big boys', plus we give you added value (e.g. analysis of your search engine rating). We keep our costs down to a minimum. You can enter your domain details on-line (if you wish), but for cost and security reasons we only accept payment by cheque. Your domain is registered and account opened on receipt of your cheque.
We notify you of your account status by e-mail, so please include your e-mail address in your on-line application and/or with your cheque.
Click here for our on-line application procedure.

Other Computing and IT Support

We can help you with computing advice and installation, including the internet, in your own home or office. Examples of the services on offer are:
Evaluation: of your computing needs and requirements, advice on computer purchase, installation of the computer on your premises.
Assessment: of your current computer for upgrading, hardware installed and tested including DVD Rom's, new hard discs and modems.
Tuition: on the use of Windows and most major packages for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, drawing and photo-editing.
Networking: peer to peer networking running under Windows installed with tuition on its use - both wireless and wired systems covered.
Hardware: computers, printers, scanners etc. supplied, installed and tested. All machines are new and guaranteed.
Please use our general contact form for your enquiry on any of the above

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Byron House, 21-23, Rectory Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 6BE.
Telephone 0115 981 1232, Fax 0115 981 2096